Episode #450: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #3)

[Episode 450]
Episode #450: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #3)
Volume V / Saturday, 29 June 2013

Episode Notes

Continuing a short series of non-canon guest comics by James Miller (aka Siabur), the author of Dreamers Ink. [Start from part #1]

James wondered what a US TV remake of Tranquility Base would be like…

Squidguy? Well, he is a squid, and obviously he couldn't have an "East End" accent in the US version… but… but… he's a caricature of Squidman*. The prosthetics are a bit dodgy though! The policeman is clearly meant to be Sergeant Golightly dressed as a US cop, rather than Space Police -- no doubt a budget issue. They blew the budget on CGI effects and had no money left for costumes, so had to use what they already had (the police outfit was probably left over from Hill Street Blues).

Come back for part 4 (of 5), continuing the remake; it can't get worse, can it?

* What do you mean the original Squidman is a caricature to start with!? Hurumph!

Credits & Acknowledgements

Guest episode by James Miller (Dreamers Ink).


Panels 1-3: In a remote corner of Tranquility Base.
Yo, wassup witchoo?
Remake!Bald Guy (with mug):
I need to get some stuff y'know.
Yo, aahiigght. Stuff.
Panels 4-6: A policeman enters carrying handcuffs.
Freeze! Squidguy, you’re under. Arrest. For selling illegal stuff.
I don't think so, copper. I's outta here.
Drat. I had him and he escaped me once again. I'm going to end up in the looney bin if it happens again. Drat!