Episode #449: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #2)

[Episode 449]
Episode #449: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #2)
Volume V / Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Episode Notes

Continuing a short series of non-canon guest comics by James Miller (aka Siabur), the author of Dreamers Ink. [Start from part #1]

James wondered what a US TV remake of Tranquility Base would be like…

Um… what? Why does Houston look like Squidman? Strange casting decision. Nice CGI effect on the spaceship, though.

Come back for part 3 (of 5), continuing the remake; maybe it's just Houston that they changed?

Credits & Acknowledgements

Guest episode by James Miller (Dreamers Ink).


Panels 1-6: In a landing bay, on Tranquility Base.
I am Houston
So you're here to fix things that are broken?
Yes. Why not.
Remake!Spacedude (pointing at spaceship):
This is the broken thing.
What is it?
It's the external ice dispenser.