Episode #451: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #4)

[Episode 451]
Episode #451: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #4)
Volume V / Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Episode Notes

Continuing a short series of non-canon guest comics by James Miller (aka Siabur), the author of Dreamers Ink. [Start from part #1]

James wondered what a US TV remake of Tranquility Base would be like…

Oh dear, better not let Pete Reid see this. His beloved Blips have been completely "re-imagined". Again, I suspect budget -- rather than CGI robots or complicated remote controlled animatronics, they just put a man in a robot suit. "This has been done before" indeed.

Come back for part 5 (final part), where we discover what the Network thought.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Guest episode by James Miller (Dreamers Ink).


Panels 1-6: Top secret location! There are robots everywhere, one is at a control panel.
Remake!Evil Robot:
I am a Blip. I will destroy everyone!
Now where did I put the plan? Oh here it is.
{{Reads from the Plan}} Step-1: Make human version of blips. Okay.
Nuke the planet. Seems extreme but, do what you gotta do.
Step-3: Enslave the survivors. Seems like a lot of work.
Step-4: It seems to be blank. NO problem.
This has been done before, so there’s no way this can fail. Whoo!