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About Tranquility Base Comic

Tranquility Base is a major spaceport on the moon, run by the Space Agency, where weird stuff happens. It is what would happen if Britain had taken part in and won the space race. The Space Agency is an organisation that employs some eccentrics with brilliant minds but not necessarily any common sense, far too few highly efficient but under-paid workers who actually keep the place running, and all overseen by a bloated administrative layer that couldn't organise a bonfire in an explosives factory.

Besides Tranquility Base itself, there are ancillary bases on the moon, as well as other planets and moons in our solar system. In all there are twelve colonies, plus Earth, which form a single government unit which is a member of the Galactic Federation.

The subject matter is mostly geeky science-fiction, although it also covers pop-culture, literature and anything else that takes the author's fancy.

The comic was first published in August 2007. It officially ended in May 2015.