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Latest Update

23rd June, 2016 @ 02:05

Welcome to the website redesign! I've moved the comic to a new back-end database (an open-source CMS called ProcessWire) instead of my old creaky custom system and have spruced up the front-end. The front-end doesn't look too different, it just has slightly different graphic widgets and such. The biggest difference is that the site is now responsive, meaning that it adjusts itself to all devices from mobiles and tablets to regular laptop and desktop PCs.

Most content has been transferred over, although there might be some glitches here and there. However, as of yet, reader comments have not been transferred because I need to think about how to incorporate those into the new system.

The new CMS means I've been able to easily add a couple of new features -- a cast/character list, and a list of external links mentioned in episode notes. They are experimental features right now (see the "Experimental!" link in the footer menu) and the cast list in particular is incomplete because it extracts names from transcripts and less than 30% of the episodes actually have a transcript.

Adding transcripts is the next job, actually. I now have a system in place to make it easier - more on that another time.