Episode #462: The Author's New Year's Resolutions

[Episode 462]
Episode #462: The Author's New Year's Resolutions
Volume V / Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Episode Notes

I hope you enjoyed the whole Christmas special?

Happy New Year, and I hope 2014 is awesome for you all.


Panel 1: Close-up of the Author Avatar
The Author's Resolutions for 2014...
1. I will organise my loose LEGO parts and properly dismantle and sort any sets that have already been plundered for parts.
2. I will try and get comics out more regularly and maybe even finish a storyline!
3. I will not say "hashtag" before contextually relevant words or phrases in conversation, nor will I use a hashtag in written conversation. I'm not even on Twitter!
4. If I ever catch myself saying out loud either of the following abbreviations, I will revoke my Sensible Adult card: "Oh em gee", "El oh el."
5. Furthermore, I will not pronounce "lol" as a word.
Author Avatar:
Heh, hashtag "broken resolutions", lol!
Happy New Year!