Episode #405: Promotion on the cards?

[Episode 405]
Episode #405: Promotion on the cards?
Volume V / Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Episode Notes

That can't be good! Yeah, I've got the Nerd from the Series 7 Collectable Minifigs - he doesn't have a name yet.


Panel 1: Felicia, her boss Alison, and a Nerdy Guy are talking in their office.
Meanwhile, back on Cynaptix IV
…so I replied "Well, at least I don't have dandruff!"
Ha! Ha!
Nerdy Guy:
Heh heh
Anyway, back to work people, I'm just popping down to the server room
Panel 2: A few moments later, Felicia has turned back to her computer.
Chat request?
Oh no, it's Eric, what does he want now?
Panel 3: A close-up of Felicia's computer screen. where the chat screen is open.
{{Screen Title}} Chandelier Project Chat
{{Screen Content}}
…System has entered the chat room.
…Felicia has entered the chat room.
System: Hello Felicia, did your boss like your code patch submissions?
Felicia: She said as elegant as they are, it's too late to add them to the core code in this iteration.
System: She's just envious of your superior talent, but we can fix that.
System: Did I hear her say that she's going to the server room? Perfect.
Panel 4: Felicia looks alarmed and shouts out to Nerdy Guy.
Don't let Alison anywhere near the server room!