Episode #400: It took him 400 episodes to get to this point!

[Episode 400]
Episode #400: It took him 400 episodes to get to this point!
Volume V / Saturday, 5 May 2012

Episode Notes

Today Tranquility Base has reached 400 episodes! Usually in these milestones, there is some sort of revelation (ep #100), cliffhanger (ep #300) or something blows-up (ep #200) -- this episode is a revelation (for Hudson, if not us) and a cliffhanger (of sorts); is it now going to blow-up?

Also, it was Hudson's birthday yesterday - May 4th (May the Fourth Be With You!).


Panel 1: Prime Minister's Office, Hudson is sitting at her desk.
Prime Minister Hudson:
River Hudson's Personal Log, Stardate: now.
It was my birthday yesterday, another year older and another birthday with father missing.
It's been over a year, since he vanished on planet Teuthida.
At least I know he's not making those black market laser swords of his own free will.
It is curious, though, the numbers in reports from the various agencies do not match up with each other.
The reported number of failed attempts to use the weapon is greater than the number of subsequent injuries that should be caused by it, even accounting for a criminal's reluctance to use Official medical facilities.
Panel 2: Hudson stands up from her chair and closes the lid of her laptop computer.
Prime Minister Hudson:
It's as if there's a black market medical facility for the victims of the black market weapons!
Also, the number of weapons confiscated by the space police is tiny, and the ADU report none, despite arresting a perp red handed!
Click {{computer lid closing}}
Panel 3: Hudson is standing at the window looking out.
Prime Minister Hudson:
It's all very, very suspicious if you ask me!
Urgh, and do not get me started on the Chandelier Project, that Commandant Thalamus guy is creepy!
Woosh {{door opening}}
Panel 4: Admiral Slog has entered the room and stands behind Hudson.
Prime Minister Hudson:
Admiral Slog:
{{Takes deep breath}}
River, I know this is a difficult time for you and it's highly inappropriate of me to say, but there's something I have to get off my chest...
Woosh {{door closing}}
Panel 5: Hudson turns around to look at Slog.
Admiral Slog:
I think…
{{Long pause}}
…you're awesome.