Episode #390: Mystery Incorporated

[Episode 390]
Episode #390: Mystery Incorporated
Volume V / Saturday, 31 March 2012

Episode Notes

What do you think is on the other side of that concealed doorway?

As for the movie the two guys are going to see "Flash Gordon 2: Gordon's Still Alive!" (said in a "BRIAN BLESSED!" voice) - I suspect they are going to do one of their video reviews of it at some point.


Panel 1: Felicia is in an office speaking to somebody on a computer screen. At another work station is a rather hairy individual.
Computer Centre, Chandelier Project Laboratory Complex, Cynaptix IV.
So there's this screaming noise coming from behind the basement server room, Alison says it's the ghost of a lab technician, but that's just ridiculous.
Last week I was in the server room and spotted Doctor Medulla enter a concealed doorway - luckily he didn't see me.
I went over to the door, but could find no way to open it, so it either opens from the inside or by remote control.
Panel 2: Felicia is revealed to be speaking to Phillip and Isaac.
We shall have to start calling you "Daphne"!
No, I think Fel's more of a "Velma", 'cos she's smart.
Just promise us you'll be careful Felicia, ok?
Guys, you worry about me too much!
Panel 3: The hairy individual stands next to Felicia.
Excuse me, Felicia, I've finished for the day, will you be long here?
Hi Alison, I'll be a while, I'm waiting for some code to finish compiling, but I'll be fine on my own.
Panel 4: Alison has now left.
Th...that's Alison?
When you said she had long flowing hair, that's not quite what I imagined.
Wow, I bet when she has a bad hair day, it's a really bad hair day!
Panel 5:
Well, Fel, we'd better go, we're going to see "Flash Gordon 2: Gordon's Still Alive!" tonight!
Take care and watch out for yourself!
Really, what dangers can possibly lurk in a science laboratory complex run by creepy alien doctors?