Episode #352: Well, how would you react?

[Episode 352]
Episode #352: Well, how would you react?
Volume IV / Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Episode Notes

You can't really blame Slog for his reaction - they are scary-looking beings. Plus he has no idea what they are saying because he can't read the font!

Can't read the alien's text? View the translated comic, or read the transcript below.


Panel 1: Admiral Slog materialises in a green beam at the Indescribable Place, still clutching Hudson's laser sword.
The Indescribable Place
Panel 2: Fully materialised, Slog's back is to the Beings of Interminable Vagueness (scarab aliens)
Admiral Slog:
I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
Panel 3:
Scarab Alien - Green:
Oh bugger.
Scarab Alien - Red:
Now we're for it.
Scarab Alien Leader (offscreen):
You idiots!
Admiral Slog (still with his back to the aliens):
Ok, weird clicking noises, it's probably best I don't turn around.
Panel 4: The blue scarab alien (the offscreen voice) arrives as Slog turns around.
Scarab Alien - Blue:
Did you not check it was the female holding the device?
Scarab Alien - Red:
But she never lets another touch her device!
Admiral Slog (alarmed):
GAH! Why did I turn around!?
Panel 5: The black scarab alien (their leader) arrives as Slog goes into a full-on panic
Scarab Alien Leader:
What is the problem here?
Scarab Alien - Blue:
Those two are idiots and this guy will not shut up.
Admiral Slog:
Arrrghhhh! Don't eat me don't eat me don't eat me don't eat me!
Scarab Alien Leader:
I have a solution to one of these problems.
Panel 6: The black scarab alien raises his golden staff and holds it towards Slog's neck
Admiral Slog:
Scarab Alien Leader:
Hold still, this will not hurt a bit