Episode #343: The author has been distracted

[Episode 343]
Episode #343: The author has been distracted
Volume IV / Saturday, 15 October 2011

Episode Notes

Yeah a bit of a clip-show - each panel is the last panel from the last time you saw each character. Outside the fourth wall, they haven't moved!

Actually, by the time you read this, I will have been to, purchased and returned from the LEGO Store.

Can't read the alien's text? View the translated comic, or read the transcript below.


Panel 1: Peterson and Falmar in the Mobile Science Lab on Short Beach, Nobikini City, Planet Teuthida (from episode #342)
Dude, why are we still stuck in these positions?
Oh no, has the Author gone AWOL again?
Panel 2: Hudson at her desk on Tranquility Base, with her cat Tracey (from episode #340)
Prime Minister Hudson:
Oh for the FSM's (Flying Spaghetti Monster's) sake, not another hiatus in the middle of a plot?
Tracey the cat:
Panel 3: The Beings of Interminable Vagueness, the Indescribable Place (from episode #340)
Scarab Alien Leader:
We beings of infinite power do not fear a hiatus. We can wait indefinitely for the plot to proceed.
Panel 4: Squidman and Mrs Squidman, after Squidman crashed through the kitchen window of Mrs S's home in Nobikini City, Teuthida (from episode #338)
I fer one would very much like to progress wi'the story asap (as soon as possible)!
Panel 5: Admiral Slog and a Medical Doctor, after Slog fainted in the Prime Minister's Office, Tranquility Base (from episode #324)
It's typical behaviour from your average unreliable webcomic author.
Admiral Slog:
Don't panic guys! I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.
Panel 6: The Author's computer, switched off, with a note attached (the Author herself is nowhere to be seen)
Note on Computer Screen: I'm at the LEGO store! Back soon - Louise
Admiral Slog (offscreen):
See! I bet she's buying the Winter Village Post Office and Star Wars Advent Calendar - 'cos everybody needs a Yoda in a Santa costume. {{SIGH}}