Episode #240: Wherever there is danger he'll be there!

[Episode 240]
Episode #240: Wherever there is danger he'll be there!
Volume III / Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Episode Notes

This is the first (and only) appearance of my Danger Mouse figures and Mark III flying car in this comic. What DM says is true, most of my other stuff is still packed-up from my display at the weekend... the DM figs happened to be on top and easy to get to. The normal schedule will return (hopefully) on Saturday.

The Danger Mouse characters are heavily customised Fabuland figs. I made the decals for them and Mum put them on and did the painting for me. The Baron Greenback and Nero the Caterpillar (small furry fellow) were sculted and painted by Peter Reid (Legoloverman).

Danger Mouse and all Danger Mouse characters © Cosgrove/Hall Productions & Freemantle Media. They most probably don't endorse this comic.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Baron Greenback and Nero by Peter Reid (legoloverman on Flickr). The painting on the other characters by Mum :-D


Panel 1: Danger Mouse and Penfold are sitting in the Mark III flying car.
Tranquility Base, home of the chocolate teapot, birthplace of the Large Dish, the Bigger Dish and the Crikey that's HUGE Dish; and now temporary stop-off point for Danger Mouse and Penfold.
Um, DM?
Danger Mouse:
Yes, Penfold?
Why are we in Tranquility Base comic?
Danger Mouse:
The author of the comic has packed away all of her usual characters for a LEGO display
DM, what is a LEGO display?
Danger Mouse:
{{Sigh}} A LEGO displ… hang on, incoming message from Colonel K.
Panel 2: Colonel K appears on the view screen.
Colonel K:
Ah! There you are DM!
Jolly good job capturing Baron Greenback and that Stiletto chap.
However, I'm getting reports that the real criminal mastermind behind their schemes is still at large… so, if you could keep your eye peeled for a small furry fellow, what-what? Colonel K out.
Panel 3: Danger Mouse and Penfold start to take-off in the flying car.
Danger Mouse:
Small furry fellow? Well, I'm sure he's not around here, let's go Penfold.
Ooh 'eck, DM… I'm a small furry fellow, am I a criminal mastermind?
I don't want to go to prison!
Danger Mouse:
{{Sigh}} Oh, good grief Penfold…
Panel 4: Hidden in a moon crater is a small furry fellow -- it's Nero, Baron Greenback's pet caterpillar!
Heh heh heh, heh heh heh.
Will Danger Mouse and Penfold find the small furry fellow? Will Penfold be wrongfully imprisoned? Do you even care? None of these questions or fewer will be answered next week!
Not to the be continued!