LEGO Space: Building the Future [Book]

This article was originally published on 6th November 2013.

Book CoverDisclaimer: the people who wrote this book are fellow AFOLs and friends from my LUG, not to mention the fact that in Chapter 5... well, you'll see. Let's just say, I'm not completely unbiased about this book, so this isn't a proper "review".

LEGO Space: Building the Future by Peter Reid & Tim Goddard. Published by No Starch Press (2013). ISBN: 978-1-59327-521-1

Two years in the making, this book explores the future history of our (LEGO) space endevours - from the first man-made satellites to inter-stellar travel, tied together with a fun narrative, lovely photos and cool building instructions. If you love spaceships, robots, planetary exploration and space pirates, then this book is for you.

Reasons to Buy this Book

1 - It's written by expert builders Peter Reid (Legoloverman) and Tim Goddard (Rogue Bantha) and features many of their most iconic and awesome models.

B, no 2 - Another expert and excellent builder, Andrew Hamilton (Wami Delthorn) contributed some models too.

3, or C - The models have been beautifully photographed by Ian Greig (Bluemoose) and the layout arranged by Chris Salt (OldScratch/Oblong Pictures).

4, or D, or (iv) - Some lovely full-colour building instructions were painstakingly created by James Shields (LostCarPark).

V, or Finally - If you need any more reasons to buy this book, I present the following:

LEGO Space: Building the Future - Professor Dade
LEGO Space: Building the Future - Professor Dade

Yeah, cool, isn't it?

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and buy this book!