News Update (and Something Cool)

Just a quck update:

Thank you for all your kind wishes. The patient is slowly recovering, but it will still be weeks before I'm in a position to start the comic again. Realistically, I suspect it will be the New Year now.

However, I still have my laptop, which means I can play with virtual Lego.

A few weeks ago I got a new wheelchair: a powerchair! Eventually my Author Avatar (sigfig) will get one in the comic too, but for now you can build your own version using the instructions I made.

Before the hiatus, I did start working on my avatar's chair...

My new powerchair
Something I built before the hiatus

I hope to have more news soon!

Penny for 'em... [1]

  1. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid says:
    1196 days ago | #

    Nice powerchair, Louise! :D
    Again, my best wishes for your friend or relative in need, take all the time you need! ;)

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