PLEASE READ: Temporary Hiatus

Due to a sudden health issue (not mine), my comic will be going on hiatus for a short while. Right now, I can't say for how long, it could only be a week or two, or it could for a couple of months.

I will still be able to get online (I'm using my laptop to write this), I just won't be near my Lego for a while.

Sorry guys,

Penny for 'em... [6]

  1. AndyB

    AndyB says:
    1211 days ago | #

    Really sorry to hear it, Louise. Hope everything works out for the person concerned – assume prayers welcomed?

  2. Louise

    Louise says:
    1211 days ago | #

    @AndyB – Thank you. Like me, the person concerned is an atheist, but that doesn’t mean the sentiment behind the prayer isn’t appreciated – if you see what I mean?

  3. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid says:
    1210 days ago | #

    My sincere best wishes for the person in their time of need! I wish them a fast and speedy recovery! :D
    Just keep us updated when you can get online, don’t worry if it seems too infrequent, we know you’re going through something, that’s good enough for any reasonable person! :D

  4. MAT

    MAT says:
    1209 days ago | #

    I send my sentiment too

  5. TK-1420

    TK-1420 says:
    1202 days ago | #

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. Silent Hunter

    Silent Hunter says:
    1198 days ago | #

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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