Exo Suit on LEGO CUUSOO [Achieved / Approved / In Production!]

4th July 2014: the final Exo Suit set has been revealed. More info here!

30th April 2014: LEGO CUUSOO is now called LEGO Ideas. More info here!

10,000 supporters achieved! Set Approved! Will be available to buy later in 2014!

Those of you who read the comic regularly will have seen several robots featured that were built by Peter Reid (known as Legoloverman on Flickr).

A while ago Pete built a Classic Space themed exo suit, which he has now put up as a project on the LEGO® CUUSOO site. If the Exo Suit gets 10,000 supporters, then it goes to the next stage where The Lego Group will consider turning it into an actual buyable model!

This has to happen. So, please sign-up/login to the CUUSOO site and vote for the model. Tell all your friends to vote, too. Tweet it, Facebook it, G-plus it, and whatever else you kids do today with your social media thingies.

» Pete's Exo Suit! «

  • Update (4th July 2014): the final Exo Suit set has been revealed.
  • Update (April, 2014): Now in production, will be available to buy later this year.
  • Update (9th January 2013): 10,000 supporters achieved! Moved to review stage!
  • Update (20th July 2012): Now over 5000 supporters, half way there.
  • Update (7th May 2012): Now over 2500 supporters, a quarter of the way there.

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