Episode #464: The End (Part 1)

[Episode 464]
Episode #464: The End (Part 1)
Volume V / Saturday, 18 April 2015

Episode Notes

Sorry, this isn't technically a 'comic', it's just an update. I'm putting it here like this, instead of in the blog, so that more people see it.

After prompting from a reader, I think it's time to make an unfortunate announcement.

Despite my best intentions, I've not been able to start up the comic again and won't be for the foreseeable future. Rather than keep saying "in a few months... in a few months...", I'm calling it here: Tranquility Base is in permanent hiatus. That means there is no plan to bring it back at the present time, but I'm not ruling out bringing it back at some future date.

If I ever bring it back, I'll most likely start with a completely fresh story-line rather than pick-up where I left off.

I'm aware that means you won't get resolution in the comic, so I'll try and post brief written conclusions for various story-lines. That will be the last update you will get on the Tranquility Base website unless the comic restarts.

Tranquility Base was always just a hobby for me and sometimes more time-intensive hobbies, such as making LEGO comics, have to take a back-seat (at least for a while).

Farewell, and thank you for reading.


Panel 1: The End (Part 1)
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Hi, this is the penultimate update for Tranquility Base. For more information please read the blurb in the episode notes. Then come back next Saturday for The End (Part 2)