Episode #463: Spring Update

[Episode 463]
Episode #463: Spring Update
Volume V / Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Episode Notes

Yes, that is actually stuff I have to sort through -- I really hate sorting LEGO.


Panel 1: The Author Avatar is sitting on a stack of unsorted LEGO on her desk.
Author Avatar:
Hello again, welcome to the sping update! I hope to return to making comics once I've done a little sorting an organising.
Panel 2: The scene zooms out to reveal an the stack of unsorted LEGO is even bigger than it appeared at first.
Author Avatar (cont.):
It may take me a few days.
Panel 3: The scene zooms out again to reveal the entire building bench/table is covered in unsorted LEGO and half dismantled models.
Author Avatar (cont.):
Well, maybe a few weeks.
Panel 4: The scene moves to another part of the Author's room to reveal a second building area (and photography area) covered in random unsorted LEGO, half-dismantled models and even a non-LEGO model kit.
Author Avatar (cont. from offscreen):
But probably a few months. Sorry.