Episode #460: Tranqulity Base Gets Scrooged: Part #6 - Merry Christmas

[Episode 460]
Episode #460: Tranqulity Base Gets Scrooged: Part #6 - Merry Christmas
Volume V / Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Episode Notes

Part #6 of "Tranquility Base Gets Scrooged!" (Part #1 here) and Scrooge is now a changed man.

Of course, as it is in the book and virtually every adaptation ever produced, I had to give the last word to Tiny Tim ;-D

This episode shows yet another brick comic using the LEGO Winter Village sets for their Christmas backdrop!

Merry Christmas.


Panel 1: Scrooge is awake, his computer screen displays DEC 25
Christmas Morning
Oh, oh! Was I dreaming? Did last night actually happen? What a wretch I have been!
Panel 2:
It's not too late to do something. Computer... call the Chief of Engineering.
Chief Houston Texas is currently on leave.
Yes, I know that, but this is an emergency!
Panel 3:
Later that morning - Bob's Apartment
I, er... am here to wish you a Merry Christmas and uh, please accept this gift to you all.
Sir, are you feeling ok?
Never better, dear Bob, never better.
Panel 4: Bob has opened the gift
This is a new power-supply unit for the Tiny Tim.
Bob's Wife:
Thank you! How did you know?
Oh, a little bird told me. The Chief assures me this is the correct model.
Panel 5: Caption: Later that afternoon - The Holodeck
Co-worker 1:
Why are there so many kids around?
Co-worker 2:
The new Patron of the Sunshine Orphanage is holding a Christmas party for them.
Off-screen Voice:
Coming though, people, coming through, mind out!
Co-worker 3:
This must be the new Patron arriving now... who is it?
Panel 6: Scrooge enters carrying a pie, behind him an Ensign struggles to carry a rather large roasted turkey
Put the turkey over there, Ensign.
Yes, Sir!
There should be plenty of food for everybody!
Panel 7: Everybody is standing around the make square, with the feast off to one side.
Bob, my good fellow, in the New Year we must discuss your pay rise.
Thank you, Sir.
Until then, I declare this is a merrier Christmas than I have given for many a year!
Tiny Tim:
May His Noodly Appendage touch us, everyone!
Have a very Merry Christmas from everybody at Tranquility Base.