Episode #454: Armed with Fanon

[Episode 454]
Episode #454: Armed with Fanon
Volume V / Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Episode Notes

Welcome to the first of some December specials (they will get more Christmassy)!

This is a follow-on from the previous episode, I wanted to address the issue of how there can be different versions of me across different fictional worlds. Well, I think I've finally found a plausible answer - it's now my head canon/fanon anyway.


Panel 1: The Author and her mother are chatting.
Author's Mother:
Why isn't Admiral slog in the 'LEGO Space' book? You can't have Tranquility Base without Slog!
Author Avatar:
Because it's not this Tranquility Base, it's a different one.
Panel 2:
Author's Mother:
But You're in it!
Author Avatar:
No, 'Professor Dade' is just named after me.
She's not even contemporary to my timeline.
Panel 3:
Author's Mother:
So how come she looks exactly like you?
Author Avatar:
Isn't it obvious?
Author's Mother:
{{Perplexed silence}}
Panel 4:
Author Avatar:
There was a nefarious scheme carried out by a secret cabal of geneticists, involving an illegally obtained sample of my DNA and an unethical cloning facility housed in an old abandoned warehouse.
Meanwhile, in an adjacent warehouse, a secret cabal of physicists accidentally created a rift in space-time which swallowed up the cloning facility and a nearby Starbucks.
Panel 5:
Author Avatar:
Now there are many versions of me spread across space and time like leaves on the wind.
Each of us living full and unique lives, given different opportunities and making our own separate life choices.
But always there is one thing that remains constant…
Panel 6:
Author's Mother (sarcastically):
…A fondness for overly complex and convoluted plotlines cobbled together from other sci-fi series?
Although the bit about Starbucks actually makes a lot of sense.