Episode #452: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #5)

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Episode #452: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #5)
Volume V / Saturday, 6 July 2013

Episode Notes

Continuing a short series of non-canon guest comics by James Miller (aka Siabur), the author of Dreamers Ink. [Start from part #1]

James wondered what a US TV remake of Tranquility Base would be like…

In the original Tranquility Base the gangster henchmen are both aliens like Squidman, but here they have been reduced to stereotypical-looking human gangsters. No doubt this is an example of Network interference with their silly belief that audiences won't accept too many alien-looking characters! A bit like the NBC network not liking Spock's pointy "Satanic" ears -- luckily Gene Roddenberry managed to keep the pointy ears. Besides, everybody knows it's beards that make you evil.

Unsurprisingly the network have cancelled the Tranquility Base remake; I think for once they made the right decision.

Thank you James for making these guest comics. You managed to capture the essence of US remakes - they never end well* and Tranquility Base is no exception.

Sadly, I'm now going to leave you lovely readers and go back on to hiatus (well, technically I didn't come off hiatus). Thanks for reading.

* Well, ok, sometimes it works, but I can't actually think of a good example! I'm sure it's dreadful the other way too with UK remakes of US shows (not that I can think of any examples of that happening, except for realty TV and quiz shows).

Credits & Acknowledgements

Guest episode by James Miller (Dreamers Ink).


Panels 1-3: Back on Tranquility Base, Squidguy has some unwanted company.
Remake!Mob Guy:
Yo, Squidguy, da Boss wantsta sees yous.
Yo, I just need a few more days to gets the moneys.
Remake!Mob Guy:
Yo, Squidguy, da Boss says, you show up now, or we sends you in to space with space cement shoes. Yo.
Panels 4-6: We come out of the TV show and back in to the Dreamer's Ink world.
Hey, according to Entertainment Meekly, The American version of Tranquility Base has been cancelled and replaced with more Rasslin' and Ghost Searcher shows.