Episode #448: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #1)

[Episode 448]
Episode #448: Tranquility Base, the US Remake (Part #1)
Volume V / Saturday, 22 June 2013

Episode Notes

While Tranquility Base is on hiatus, we have a short series of non-canon guest comics by James Miller (aka Siabur), the author of Dreamers Ink.

James wondered what a US TV remake of Tranquility Base would be like.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Guest episode by James Miller (Dreamers Ink).


Panels 1-5: Bob, Joe and Tommy (from Dreamers Ink comic) are sitting on their couch.
Dude, so you guys wanna check out the American version of "Tranquility Base"?
American version of TB? Why. Would. They. Do. That.?
It’s on Psy-Phy so you know it's gots the quality.
Okay. Corn is popped and beer is poured.
Dudes, it’s beginning.
Panel 6: Black title frame
Tranquility Base. American version by James Miller. Created by Louise Dade.
Bob (voice over):
Dudes, this is gonna be interesting.