Episode #447: Batman vs. Professor X

[Episode 447]
Episode #447: Batman vs. Professor X
Volume V / Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Episode Notes

Due to the combination of a web app rewrite taking longer than anticipated and a winter lurgy sapping my ability and motivation to do anything, this filler episode is all I could manage after several weeks. Sorry! In fact, I'm now officially calling this break in transmission an indefinite hiatus.

Don't worry, though, there are some guest comics by James Miller of Dreamers Ink to tide you over while I'm on a break.


Panel 1: Batman (hanging upside down) and the Author Avatar are having a conversation.
What has your precious Professor X got that I haven't?
Panel 2:
Author Avatar:
Well, he's wealthy...
Has his own mansion...
Has some cool gadgets...
Uses his wealth for the greater good...
And he can have an occasional dark side.
Panel 3: {{Beat}} Batman just glares at the Author Avatar.
Panel 4:
Author Avatar:
Oh and he doesn't wear a silly outfit.