Episode #446: Season's Greetings

[Episode 446]
Episode #446: Season's Greetings
Volume V / Monday, 24 December 2012

Episode Notes

See you all some time in the new year!


Panel 1: Admiral Slog and Prime Minister Hudson are standing in front of a Christmas tree.
Admiral Slog:
River, are you sure you're ok with having a Christmas celebration on the holodeck this year?
What with your father being missing and everything.
Prime Minister Hudson:
It's fine, Bill, I know he's still out there somewhere…
Panel 2: The rest of the holodeck scene is shown, and Hudson is revealed to be holding a parcel.
Prime Minister Hudson:
…I can still feel his presents!
Label on Parcel: To River, love Dad xxx
Merry Christmas from Tranquility Base.