Episode #444: The Sales Pitch

[Episode 444]
Episode #444: The Sales Pitch
Volume V / Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Episode Notes

Yes, K!rr'fght (pronounced "Keith") is back! I wonder who he's now working for?


Panel 1: K!rr'fght ("Keith") and another person (Doug) are waiting at a monorail station - all four of K!rr'fght's arms are now robotic-looking artificial limbs.
Meanwhile, at a remote monorail station, Tranquility Base
Hey, K, What happened, I thought the ADU got you and sent you back to prison? {{Note: See episodes 383-384}}
Woah, and I thought you could regrow limbs?
K!rr'fght ("Keith"):
Heh, the ADU make the Contralto family look like the Von Trapps!
They let me go if I promised to work for their superiors, which was an offer I couldn't refuse.
Panel 2: Close-up on K!rr'fght.
K!rr'fght ("Keith"):
As for my limbs, the laser swords damaged the nerves, and they didn't grow back.
However, I've got an upgrade, all paid for by my new employers.
Two standard arms, one super-strong claw, and… stand back…
Panel 3: A large flame shoots out of one of K!rr'fght's robotic arms.
K!rr'fght ("Keith"):
…One flame thrower!
Panel 4: K!rr'fght's arm is now gently smoking.
K!rr'fght ("Keith"):
It all works via a cybernetic brain implant system developed by some of the best doctors on Cynaptix IV.
Sorry, Doug, I must sound like the Exposition Fairy!
It's just that part of my new job is promoting the cybernetic limb service.
Well, if I ever need a new limb, I'll be sure to check it out.
It's all run by a cybernetic brain implant, you say?
Hmm, I'm sure there's no way that could go horribly wrong!