Episode #443: It's a high definition feed too

[Episode 443]
Episode #443: It's a high definition feed too
Volume V / Saturday, 6 October 2012

Episode Notes

If you remember, Felicia has been promoted, so she has Alison's level of access (and passwords, presumably). The icon on the laptop in panel 1 is too small to see, but it says "SenatorCam", which would be the feed from Commandant Thalamus to the Senate.


Panel 1: Back in the programming office, Felicia is looking at Alison's computer.
Chandelier Project, Chief Programmer's Desk.
What's this, has Alison been hacking?
Panel 2: The audio-visual feed of Commandant Thalamus giving his speech to the Senate plays.
Commandant Thalamus:
Senators, I have been successful in promoting the Chandelier Project to the Space Federation.
Panel 3: Thalamus and Cerebellum hold hands.
Commandant Thalamus:
I'm now returning to Tranquility Base, where next week we shall test the network.
Panel 4:
It looks like Alison was doing her own investigating.
I assumed Eric was just trying to get me promoted - now, I think Alison was targeted!
I knew there something suspicious about the project!