Episode #441: Behind every great man...

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Episode #441: Behind every great man...
Volume V / Saturday, 29 September 2012

Episode Notes

Once again, The Lego Group have made the perfect figure at the perfect time: Cerebellum, or rather Lady Cerebellum to use her proper title. If Lego hadn't made the perfect minifig in the Series 8 Collectable Minifigs line, Lady C would have been another green-brained member of the Phrankenstynian species, like Thalamus and Medulla.

With regard to the red cloak being bought from Squidman. I can hear you preparing to say "ahh, no... I've caught you out Miss Author, that's not possible, Thalamus was wearing the cloak the first time we see him on Cynaptix IV! Nuuuuuuuh!!!!!" (episode #375). Actually, dear reader, if you check carefully you'll notice that the last time we see Squidman and Anderson is before then (episode #374) and that a little time has passed -- enough time for the aliens to have captured them both!

One other thing I want to explain here is the way the Phrankenstynian's telepathic communication works. Just as vocalisation creates a sound wave, so telepathy emits a brain wave -- it's a bit of brain anatomy unique to Phrankenstynians. These brain waves are just as limited by location as a sound wave (it's "louder" the closer you are), and even more limited by technology: brain waves can not be picked-up and converted to electrical energy like a sound wave. This means it doesn't work over the vid-phone/holovid networks, which is why Dr. Medulla and Commandant Thalamus are seen "speaking" to each other in episode #416. Not many Phrankenstynians use telepathic communication these days, because they mostly live online, but it is a very useful skill to have in certain professions and positions in society and skilled practitioners can hold two simultaneous conversations at once: one vocalised (usually to a non-telepathic victim) and one telepathically (usually to an accomplice).


Panel 1: Commandant Thalamus is staring out of the window of his spaceship. Note: For the entire transcript, the "speech" is telepathic.
Meanwhile on Commandant Thalamus' ship, rapidly heading back towards Cynaptix IV.
Off-screen Voice:
Ready for your holovid speech to the Senate?
Panel 2: A similar looking alien to Thalamus approaches, wearing a purple cloak - she appears to be female.
Commandant Thalamus:
Cerebellum, my dear, you did not have to be here.
And miss your moment of triumph?
When everything you have worked for over the last few years finally comes to fruition?
Also, you forgot your notes.
Panel 3: Thalamus and Cerebellum hold hands.
Commandant Thalamus:
Ah, Honeybun, how would I manage without you?
You be an uncoordinated, disorganised mess of a man.
Commandant Thalamus:
I love you.
Panel 4: They prepare to face the holovid together.
Speaking of uncoordinated, will you remove that red cloak?
It makes our outfits clash!
Commandant Thalamus:
No! Squidman sold it to me.
He said wearing it would make me more persuasive.