Episode #440: A dark place

[Episode 440]
Episode #440: A dark place
Volume V / Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Episode Notes

Doctor Medulla is right, if you explain a plan it's bound to go wrong; but if you keep quiet, it'll all go perfectly (hopefully...).


Panel 1: Doctor Medulla is talking to a man in rags, with long hair (tied with a bandana) and stubble. The man handcuffed.
In a sub-sub-sub-sub-under-basement of the Chandelier Project Building.
Doctor Medulla, you've kept me here for months!
Under pain of… more pain, I've made thousands of laser swords for your black market
But, I still have a couple of questions.
Doctor Medulla:
And they are?
Panel 2:
Do you actually have a plan and…
Why won't you monologue?
Panel 3:
Doctor Medulla:
Mr Anderson, the thing about plans is that they never work once explained.
Suffice it to say that we all have plans, and soon they are going to be revealed.
The trick is knowing whether we are playing a game of chess or roulette.