Episode #438: Back on Cynaptix IV

[Episode 438]
Episode #438: Back on Cynaptix IV
Volume V / Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Episode Notes

Just to be clear, we stepped back in time a little and the following events are occuring at the same time as the events with Isaac and Major Tom from the Blacktron Gang asteroid onwards.

What is a "fnarglerat"? I don't know, but I'll be happy to show some fanart if anybody fancies drawing a picture of what they think one looks like.


Panel 1: Felicia is on the phone, while Kevin is comforting Alison.
Meanwhile, a few days ago, Outside the Chandelier Project server room, a few minutes after Alison got lightly toasted… {{See ep #413}}
Phone Speaker:
We're sorry, the network is currently unavailable, please try again later.
But I need to call an ambulance!
Panel 2: Doctor Medulla appears in the server room doorway.
Doctor Medulla:
What is this?
Is that burnt fur I can smell?
Are there fnarglerats in the server room again?
Panel 3:
There was an accident, Alison got hurt…
And we can't call for an ambulance.
Doctor Medulla:
Oh goo-, I mean, dear.
Don't worry, I've got people who can take care of her.
Panel 4: Two of Doctor Medulla's assistants are carrying Alison away on a stretcher.
A short while later.
Doctor Medulla:
Take her to the laboratory.
Doctor Medulla, don't you mean "take her to the hospital"?
Panel 5: {{Beat}}
Panel 6:
Doctor Medulla: