Episode #436: Area 51 is, of course, a decoy - the real secret base [redacted]

[Episode 436]
Episode #436: Area 51 is, of course, a decoy - the real secret base [redacted]
Volume V / Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Episode Notes

Isaac's last line was added after I noticed that the view of Major Tom's admirers through the window is (unintentionally) reminiscent of the poster for the "Shaun of the Dead" film. Isaac noticed it too (the film exists in the TB universe).


Panel 1: Major Tom and Isaac are waiting in a room.
Space Station Clarke: Shuttle Network Boarding Lounge.
Major Tom:
So, what's the plan once we actually arrive on Cynaptix IV?
I take it you do have a plan and didn't just leave without knowing anything useful, such as the location of your friend's place of work?
Panel 2:
The Chandelier Project is located in a top secret location that doesn't officially exist, which means that everyone will know where it is, just like Area 51 on earth!
But, I'd rather wait until we're on the shuttle before discussing any plans...
...I can't shake the feeling that we're being watched
Panel 3: It is revealed that the boarding lounge has a window to the main space station area, through which several people are staring adoringly at Major Tom.
Major Tom:
You know, I think we should upgrade to a private compartment on the shuttle.
Space Agency budget cutbacks be damned!
I keep expecting Simon Pegg to appear any moment now.