Episode #435: Admit it, you're crushing a little, aren't you?

[Episode 435]
Episode #435: Admit it, you're crushing a little, aren't you?
Volume V / Saturday, 8 September 2012

Episode Notes

Sometimes the idea for an episode comes from needing to further the plot, sometimes it comes from real life, sometimes it's a parody of something else, and sometimes it's inspired by randomly selecting an outfit for a minifig and realising you've made something, sort of, kind of, almost... fanservice-y.

Ladies and gentlemen: Major Tom. Fry him a kipper, he'll be back for breakfast!

Credits & Acknowledgements

Turtle robot by Peter Reid (legoloverman on Flickr).


Panel 1: A busy corridor on the space station, filled with people going about the daily business. Isaac is standing outside the restrooms, waiting for Major Tom to finish changing.
Outside one of the restrooms on Space Station Clarke.
Come on Tom, what's taking so long?
Major Tom (unseen, from inside the restrooms):
Ok, I'm ready.
Murmuring and chattering.
General hub-bub.
Panel 2: Close-up on Isaac:
Oh my.
I've only seen you in spacesuits before, you look…
Panel 3: Close-up on Major Tom's head and shoulders
Major Tom:
Yeah, there's a reason I tend to only wear spacesuits.
Panel 4: We pull out to reveal Major Tom wearing black leather trousers and a black t-shirt with a skulls and roses decoration, carrying as sleek black gun. The people in the corridor have stopped going about their business and have all turned to gaze at the Major.
Major Tom:
{{Sigh}} let's go and rescue your princess.
She's not a princess, and she's definitely not mine.
{{Emotion Effect (EmoFX) from Fanboys and Fangirls}}
Panel 5: Close-up of Major Tom's Fangirls.
We'll be your princess, handsome!
Major Tom:
That really won't be necessary, ladies.
Panel 6: Major Tom turns to Isaac
Major Tom:
Can we please go?
Yeah, this is getting rather nauseating.
Although, speaking purely on an objective level, that outfit does give you a degree of sex appeal.
It's the leather trousers that do it.