Episode #434: Collision Course

[Episode 434]
Episode #434: Collision Course
Volume V / Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Episode Notes

Yeah, I didn't really want to know any more about Isaac's chaffing either.


Panel 1: Major Tom and Isaac are standing in a corridor in front of a sign. The sign indicates the restrooms to the left and the virtual reality suites to the right.
In a side corridor of Space Station Clarke.
Major Tom:
Come on Isaac, we can change out of these spacesuits in the restrooms.
It'll be nice to put my own clothes on at last, the chaffing is getting worse.
Panel 2: Isaac starts to walk and bumps into somebody wearing a pale blue spacesuit (including the helmet).
I bet the Space Agency didn't iron my shirts… {{ooff}}
Panel 3: The dude wearing the pale blue spacesuit runs off.
Hey, dude, sorry, I didn't see you behind me
Pale Blue Spacesuited Dude:
No problem, Ginger nut
Sheesh, what is it with people today?