Episode #432: The Galaxy's Cultural Melting Pot

[Episode 432]
Episode #432: The Galaxy's Cultural Melting Pot
Volume V / Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Episode Notes

It's not easy arranging minifigures in a "random" way.

So, you remember my digitally pasted X-Men top? Well, I ordered a real one, along with a "Tranquility Base" top, from Minifigs.me (not sponsored!) - go and pay them a visit (they do that Facebook thing, so you can "Like" them).


Panel 1: Major Tom and Isaac are standing in very busy corridor on space Station Clarke.
Space Station Clarke, Arm-3, Pod-B, Top Floor, Main Thoroughfare.
Tannoy Announcement:
Travellers are reminded not to leave luggage unattended, or security will jettison it into the nearest black hole, or "lost and found" as we call it.
Panel 2:
So one of these people could be our contact?
Major Tom:
Do you have a weapon?
Major Tom:
Not yet, why do you ask?
Panel 3: Something, with what appears to be a drill for a hand, approaches Isaac from behind (he hasn't seen it).
I can't shake the feeling we ought to watch our backs.