Episode #423: Wordier, Nerdier, Snarkier

[Episode 423]
Episode #423: Wordier, Nerdier, Snarkier
Volume V / Friday, 27 July 2012

Episode Notes

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Biiiirthdaaay to meee-eeeeeee.
Happy Birthday to...
oh, sorry, didn't see you lot there!

So what is this sporting event thingy? I didn't see any news or announcements anywhere!

This marks the first time my sister and her husband have been seen in the comic (albeit from the back only). What they are saying is a lesson in how to talk about something that hasn't actually happened yet -- that is, at the time of writing, I had (and still haven't while writing this blurb) no way of knowing who would be lighting the flame-thingy. So, I had to put it in vague terms, without even specifying a man or a woman!

I really, really wanted to write "is that... David Tennant?" However, I suspect that has a very high probability of being completely wrong (but it would be funny!).

Update: And still I was completely wrong! It wasn't a single well-known individual. The Olympic cauldren (a brilliant piece of design and engineering by Thomas Heatherwick) was lit by seven young British up-coming athletes (possibly future Olympians!), each nominated by a past British Olympic champion. [More about the 2012 Olympic cauldren]


Panel 1: The Author Avatar is talking to camera (you lot, the readers).
Author Avatar:
Hello readers.
Friday 27th July 2012 is a very special day for Great Britain, which is why there is a comic today instead of tomorrow.
Panel 2:
Author Avatar:
There's a big event happening in Southern England, for which preparations have been going on for months.
I am, of course, talking about…
Panel 3: There is a spectacular fireworks display in the background.
Author Avatar:
Panel 4: On the other side of room, the Author's mother, sister and brother-in-law are sat in front of the telly watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Author's Mother:
Louise, shh! They're about to light the flame.
Author's Sister:
Who's doing it… is that…?
Author's Brother-in-Law:
Yes, I think it is.
Panel 5: Back on the Author's side of the room.
Author Avatar (shrugging):
Apparently, today is also the start of some sort of minor sporting event.