Episode #421: There isn't a neutral zone

[Episode 421]
Episode #421: There isn't a neutral zone
Volume V / Saturday, 21 July 2012

Episode Notes

Didn't you think Major Tom was persuaded to go on this trip a little too easily? And he found a ship, just like that? He's been under orders the whole time, Isaac was just a convenient and timely cover story!

I'm not even going to comment on the last two panels, except to remind you that Semaphore was booted out of the Space Police (Squidman's fault) and is now an officer of the Auxiliary Defence Unit (ADU), who are not bounty hunters!


Panel 1: Major Toma nd Isaac are approaching a giant, rather impressive, space station
Major Tom:
Behold, Space Station Clarke, manning the border between Federation Space and Phrankenstynian Space.
We're going to stop off here for a couple of hours and catch the first shuttle to Cynaptix IV.
We're not going to fly directly there?
Major Tom:
In this thing? You must be kidding, we'd burn up in the atmosphere!
Besides, it was always my intention to stop here and get a shuttle to the planet, we'll be far less conspicuous that way
Panel 2:
So why did we swap the other ship for this craptacular rust-bucket if we don't even need the gravitational thingy-wotsit?
Major Tom:
Ah, you see, I was only granted use of that ship on the proviso that I left it at the Blacktron Gang asteroid without them knowing that it came from the Space Agency
So I arranged for our stuff to get "stolen" and, well, you know the rest.
Panel 3:
But why did you let me think it was all my fault?
Major Tom:
Sorry, I couldn't tell you, we had to look like genuine schmucks, and you played the part perfectly!
And that vid-call you made before we left the asteroid was to the Space Agency?
Major Tom:
Yep, our stuff will be waiting for us on the station.
Panel 4: Back at the service asteroid, the mechanic is working under the ship Major Tom left behind. An ADU (Auxiliary Defence Unit) officer (still in his helmet) is standing next to it.
Meanwhile, back at the Blacktron Gang Asteroid...
ADU Officer:
Did you know that ship has a tracking device?
Fortunately for you, I intercepted and neutralised the signal before it reached the Bigger Dish Network
Huh? Who's that?
Panel 5: The mechanic has come out from under the ship and the ADU officer has taken his helmet off, revealing his identity...
Oh it's you Semaphore!
There was a tracking device?
Semaphore (ADU Officer):
Yeah, standard Space Agency tech, easy to deal with.
Now, is the ship ready, the boss needs to see me on Cynaptix IV