Episode #420: I wish to register a complaint

[Episode 420]
Episode #420: I wish to register a complaint
Volume V / Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Episode Notes

It's worth a shot!

I'm now waiting for the Bat-fans to complain about my cheap gag. Heh heh.

That X-Men logo torso I'm using isn't real, it was digitally added in post.


Panels 1-8: The Author Avatar is speaking directly to you, the reader.
Somewhere in the United Kingdom…
Author Avatar:
Hello readers, I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about LEGO's Super Heroes theme.
A new batch of DC and Marvel heroes have just been revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, many of whom I just don't care for or have never heard of.
Bat who?
There is only one set of super heroes I get excited about.
Marvel X-Men™
There's a Magneto, Wolverine (squee!), Deadpool and even an exclusive-to-Comic-Con Phoenix; but not the character I really want…
The Main Man, the Wheeled Wonder, the Baldness of Awesome that is Jean Luc Pic… uh, Professor Charles Xavier!
The last time I complained in this comic about not having something, a short while later it turned out I was completely wrong {{Note: See episodes #98 and #121}}.
So I'm thinking that if I complain about LEGO not doing a Professor X figure, then I'm bound to be wrong and they just forgot to take him to Comic-Con!
It might work, right?
So, here goes…
Throat-clearing noises.
Author Avatar (cont.):
I can not believe that there is no Professor X figure in the LEGO Super Heroes theme!
Wait, no, I know how you think LEGO Group, and you're not doing that to me!
I haven't quite finished yet…
Furthermore, it makes me very sad that we won't get to see him in his awesome wheelchair.
And that he won't feature in any small-to-medium sized, non-exclusive, widely available, reasonably priced sets!
There, that should do it.
And now we wait!
Mwaa haa haa haaa!