Episode #418: An unscheduled pit stop

[Episode 418]
Episode #418: An unscheduled pit stop
Volume V / Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Episode Notes

Would you trust that mechanic? What if you have very little choice? What would you do? Note: "leave Isaac behind" is not an option!

Techno-Babble Corner: The Gravitational-Easing Device -- imagine artifical gravity on a spaceship. Now imagine what happens when that artifical gravity meets the natural gravity of a planet, plus the extra G-forces involved in high-speed travel and re-entering atmosphere etc. Yep. That's why you need a gravitational-easing device.


Panel 1: Isaac and Major Tom are sitting beside their spaceship, in a rather nondescript building.
Meanwhile, on a Service Asteroid somewhere in space.
I didn't know it was the hangout of the Blacktron gang!
You're the Ace pilot, you should know this stuff!
Major Tom:
We wouldn't have needed to stop at all if you hadn't drunk so much coffee!
But no, we had to stop and get our stuff stolen and our ship vandalised, because I love hanging around in disreputable mechanics' shops!
Panel 2: A man in overalls is standing in front of the pair.
I don't suppose you could ignore that last bit, mate?
Major Tom:
Sorry, I'm sure you're an excellent mechanic.
I'm the best you can get.
Installing a new gravitational-Easing Device usually costs 10,000 credits, but for you I'll do it for 9,999 credits.
Panel 3:
Isaac (to Major Tom):
Do we really need a gravitational thingy wotsit?
Major Tom:
Do you want to become strawberry jam when the artificial gravity meets actual gravity?
Um, not really, no, but neither of us has any money!
Panel 4: The mechanic beams broadly…
Ok, fellas, maybe I can help you out a little.
I'll sell you a replacement vehicle of the same worth as the scrap value of your current one.
You'd be doing me a favour.