Episode #416: Intertwined Threads

[Episode 416]
Episode #416: Intertwined Threads
Volume V / Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Episode Notes

Dun dun duuuuuuun!

So, who guessed the identity of Eric? It's ok if you did, there were subtle hints.

That's some serious patching up they had to do on him. Also, note his voice (er, font) is slightly synthesised now (it's augmenting, not replacing his own voice box).

It occurred to me that there may be some people who don't know what "HUD" stands for -- it's "Heads-Up Display".


Panel 1: Doctor Medulla is talking to Commandant Thalamus on the view screen.
Commandant Thalamus:
What is the latest progress on the black market laser swords?
Doctor Medulla:
More units are ready for shipping.
Also, our Agent in the ADU has warned us that the Space Agency has noticed something fishy going on.
Panel 2: The same scene as the previous panel (only closer) as seen through the mysterious computer HUD screen. There is a large red target aimed at Doctor Medulla, with the words "Target Locked". On the screen is a new file called "Axe To Grind.bat".
Commandant Thalamus:
Very well, we'd better hold back for a while and give our guest a break.
Anderson has served us well, despite his reluctance.
Panel 3: Revealing the individual who took the axe, standing right behind Doctor Medulla. The person has a cybernetic arm and leg, and is wearing a helmet.
Commandant Thalamus:
Speaking of "fishy", how is our other "guest"?
Doctor Medulla:
Our sales teams have learned a lot from him.
Squidman is a unique salesman!
Panel 4: The HUD screen again, this time a window has popped up saying "Aborted! Retry?" with "Yes" or "No" option buttons - the "No" button has been pressed.
Commandant Thalamus:
Indeed, it was a happy accident capturing him at the same time as Anderson.
Anyway, I've got a meeting on Planet Bulox next, so I'm logging out now.
Panel 5: Doctor Medulla has turned around and spotted the axe-holding individual -- who promptly hides the axe behind his back.
Doctor Medulla:
Oh, Eric, I didn't hear you come in.
You're out of your pod again, I see.
And why are you wearing the HUD unit?
take it off, it's not time for a training session
Eric quickly hides the axe behind his back.
Panel 6:
Doctor Medulla:
There was a major power fluctuation in the server room ten minutes ago, you wouldn't know anything about that would you?
Er… no.
Doctor Medulla, did I hear that Squidman is a guest here?
Panel 7:
Doctor Medulla:
Yes, is he a friend of yours?
You could say that.
Doctor Medulla:
Then I shall inform him, that you're here, maybe you'd like to meet up?
I think you should have some social interaction with somebody besides me.
Panel 8:
That would be super, thanks.
But refer to me as Mr Golightly.
Squidman does not know me as Eric… yet.