Episode #414: Does it need any more justification?

[Episode 414]
Episode #414: Does it need any more justification?
Volume V / Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Episode Notes

Poor Alison, suffering yet more indignities. And I know you're all itching to tell me how that wouldn't happen... but you know what? It was too cool an idea to pass-up! If it helps you accept it, maybe Alison is still connected to a power supply somewhere (trapped under a foot, whatever) -- which is why Kevin was sensible to use the wooden broom. We'll also assume it has a rubber grip (or pretend I remembered to change Kevin's hands to look like he's wearing rubber gloves).

On the topic of cruelty to minifigs, last week my sister came around and saw all the lego in my bedroom -- she said to me (and I'm paraphrasing): "Doesn't it worry you that all the minifigs will come alive at night and attack you in your sleep for all the horrible things you do to them?"

Er... well, I have to say "no"; but I am now a little worried about my sister.


Panel 1: Felicia is kneeling beside the prone Alison and reaching out to touch her.
Don't touch her! She might still hold some charge!
Hmm, I wonder…?
…I'll be back in a jiffy!
Panel 2: Felicia is left alone with Alison
Oh, Alison, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault!
I should have done something about the Phantom much sooner!
Panel 3: Kevin has returned, carrying a wooden broom and a lightbulb. He is using the broom to push the lightbulb onto Alison's back.
Ok, found a light-bulb, let me just push it on…
Why are you doing that?
Why else?
Panel 4: The lightbulb glows bright green.
Oooh, that is rather awesome.
Why yes, yes it is.