Episode #412: A shocking turn of events

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Episode #412: A shocking turn of events
Volume V / Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Episode Notes

Ooh, that's going to hurt. I know, it was pretty obvious that something was going to happen to Alison - Felicia isn't the only one who's been watching too many TV shows ;-P

For those who don't know, a .bat file (as in the Zapit.bat file in the episode) is a Windows text file that contains a series of commands to be executed on the system.


Panel 1: Outside the server room - Alison has gone inside, it is dark in the room. Kevin and Felicia wait outside.
Alison (from inside the server room):
Huh, the lights aren't on, maybe the fuse has tripped.
Where's the control panel?
Panel 2: Inside the server room.
Felicia (from outside the server room):
I've got a really bad feeling about this
Felicia! You've been watching too many TV shows.
Ahh, here's the switch…
Panel 3: The mysterious computer HUD desktop screen.
A computer screen with two windows open. One titled CAM_47 is showing CCTV footage showing from outside the server room and one titled CAM_46 is showing CCTV footage from inside the server room. The pointer is hovering over the Zapit.bat icon, which has just been clicked.
{{Double click}}
Panel 4: Outside the server room. From inside the room comes a bright flash with sparks and smoke.