Episode #411: It does sound far-fetched

[Episode 411]
Episode #411: It does sound far-fetched
Volume V / Monday, 18 June 2012

Episode Notes

Felicia has now arrived. If you were wondering why she didn't run after Alison, it's because she was talking to System (Eric/Phantom).


Panel 1: Felicia is approaching Alison and Kevin in the corridor.
A little way down the corridor.
Kevin, I think I've stalled System.
Ahh, and you managed to stop Alison.
Panel 2:
Will somebody please tell me what this is all about?
Don't go in the server room!
The Phantom of the Operating System threatened to hurt you!
Panel 3: Alison shoves Kevin out of the doorway as it starts to open.
Out of my way, you two, this is getting ridiculous!
Nothing is going to happen to me!
Panel 4: A computer "desktop" screen is revealed, showing a number of different windows and icons.
Desktop screen title that says "Chandelier Project: HUD (Prototype Mark vii)"
A series of icons showing a "My Docs" folder. "Resources" folder and "Zapit.bat" batch file.
A window titled "CAM_47" showing a CCTV image of Alison entering the server room.
A window title "Chandelier Project Chat" showing the following conversation:
Felicia: Please don't hurt Alison, she is my friend as well as my boss!
System: Very well, but she had better watch herself and respect your talents more.
…Felicia quit the chat room.
System: Foolish girl.