Episode #409: And it's getting harder to ignore

[Episode 409]
Episode #409: And it's getting harder to ignore
Volume V / Saturday, 16 June 2012

Episode Notes

Doh! Silly Kevin. It's quite hard to do a double-take with minifigs - so I think the "wait for the penny to drop" thing works better here.

We've all done that "failure to see what's right in front of you" thing. No? Just me then…


Panel 1: Kevin is still banging on the door of the server room. He hasn't noticed Alison standing right beside him.
What's happened in there? Alison!
Bang! Bang!
Yes? Is there a problem?
Panel 2: Kevin turns towards Alison, but she doesn't register with him.
Oh hi, the server room door won't open and Alison is inside and may be in grave danger.
Panel 3: Penny in the air…
Panel 4: And the penny drops!
Um, can we just pretend that never happened?
I've been pretending a lot of things never happened around here lately…