Episode #407: It's the only possible explanation for it!

[Episode 407]
Episode #407: It's the only possible explanation for it!
Volume V / Saturday, 9 June 2012

Episode Notes

Evil!Author Avatar is evil!

Sorry it's been nearly two weeks, but I promised a comic today, and by His Great Noodly Appendage, I'm delivering a comic! Not the comic I intended, but a comic nevertheless.

As you can probably gather, my eye still isn't 100%, but it's much better than it was. Actually, as I write, the stabby pain described in the episode hasn't occurred today -- woo-hoo!

Finally, thank you to all my well-wishers. Thank you for understanding and not complaining.

If you want something else to read while waiting for my eye to recover, then I highly recommend Drop the Cow!, a digitally rendered brick comic by pHil Rittenhouse. It's just reached its one year anniversary. I reckon Penny Dreadful could become a modern day folk hero! She would also kill for an iProd device.


Panel 1: The Author is lying on the couch, with a sore eye.
The Author has a problem.
Author's Mother:
How is your eye doing today?
Author Avatar:
Much better than it was, although I can still feel a slight stabby pain on occasion.
Author's Mother:
The Doctor couldn't see anything in your eye, so I wonder what's causing it?
Panel 2: The Evil Author Avatar is poking the Author's eye on giant screen labelled "iProd: Tele-Haptic Transmitter".
Meanwhile, elsewhere…
Poke! Poke!
Evil Author Avatar:
Heh heh heh, I love my iProd!
And the touch-screen interface is delightful.