Episode #394: It looks worse than it is

[Episode 394]
Episode #394: It looks worse than it is
Volume V / Saturday, 14 April 2012

Episode Notes

Isaac's nose is bleeding a bit after the punch.

The Marmite thing is in danger of becoming another running gag.


Panel 1: Isaac is sitting in a chair with his nose bleeding, while Phillip and Major Tom stand around.
A short, painful, while later at Major Tom's apartment
I'm beally, beally dorry aboud da aerial, ib bon'd dappen aden
Bow, bill dou helb bus?
Major Tom:
Well, there is something I have to ask, I do have one doubt…
Panel 2:
Just the one?
I have many, many doubts!
Panel 3:
Major Tom:
Are you sure it's not just a case of bad Marmite?
I knew that was a valid theory!