Episode #388: Are we all on the same page?

[Episode 388]
Episode #388: Are we all on the same page?
Volume V / Saturday, 24 March 2012

Episode Notes

The authorisation code Hudson gives is merely a set pattern for voice print matching security. That's the only way I can imagine computer security works in Star Trek, because they always seem to be reading their passwords out aloud (even the self-destruct sequence has a voice command). If anybody else tried to initiate commands as "Hudson" then their voice wouldn't match. Of course, they could still have a recording of Hudson saying it -- unless the computer can tell the difference between "live" sound and "recorded" sound.

The number Hudson reads out (0000001) puts her in position 1 of up to 9,999999 (nearly 10 million) people. Hudson herself chose the words (the lyrics to "Hey Jude") of her security sentence.


Panel 1: Prime Minister Hudson, Admiral Slog, Chief Houston Texas and Angelina continue to talk in Hudson's office.
Prime Minister Hudson:
Computer, engage full room lockdown.
Authorisation code: Hudson dash zero zero zero zero zero zero one dash nah na na, nana na nah, nana na nah, hey Jude!
Angelina, please stand by the door in case we get visitors.
Panel 2: The room now has a red glow.
Lockdown engaged.
Prime Minister Hudson:
Ok, before we continue, I just wanted to check that we're all thinking the same thing…
…that my idiot father has managed to get himself involved in some shady dealings and is making illegal weapons for the black market!
Panel 3:
Chief Houston Texas:
River, my dear, I'm sure it's all just a huge misunderstanding, and you're worrying needlessly.
Wait until I've run some tests on these things before jumping to conclusions.
Panel 4:
Prime Minister Hudson:
So you're saying my father may not be an idiot?
Chief Houston Texas:
Oh, no, I'm sure he's an idiot, just not necessarily a criminal.
Admiral Slog:
My primary teacher said that about me once.
Well, except the bit about being a criminal…
Prime Minister Hudson (interrupting):
Shut up Bill, you're not helping!
Admiral Slog (cont.):
…not that she thought I was a criminal, of course.