Episode #386: The Underground Market

[Episode 386]
Episode #386: The Underground Market
Volume V / Saturday, 17 March 2012

Episode Notes

I hope it's clear what's going on here? The person in black is dropping off a briefcase of something (we presume money), and then later one of the Contralto family henchmen picks up the case and drops of a laser sword. Later still, the person in black returns and picks up the laser sword.

The "underground economy", aka the "Black Market", in action!


Panel 1:
An underground storage depot, somewhere on Tranquility Base.
Panels 2-4: Somebody dressed all in black, including a black helmet and visor, walks into the depot carrying a briefcase. They look around the room, making sure they are alone, leave the briefcase behind a row of bins and walk away.
Panels 5-8: One of the Contralto family henchmen arrives carrying a laser sword. He swaps the briefcase for the laser sword and walks off.
A short while later…
Panels 9-11: The person in black returns, picks up the laser sword and walks away.
A short while later still…