Episode #385: They really aren't doing their image any good

[Episode 385]
Episode #385: They really aren't doing their image any good
Volume V / Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Episode Notes

Dun, dun, dun! During the time-skip, Semaphore got booted out of the Space Police, because of Squidman! He had him, and he got away again (thanks to Anderson).

Semaphore has at least kept his sanity, unlike poor Golightly. But then, Golightly wasn't completely stable to begin with.


Panel 1: The Two ADU Patrollers are sitting in an empty monorail station.
ADU Patroller 2:
Well, that's K!rr'fght taken care off with a one-way ticket to the Space Police maximum security prison.
ADU Patroller 1:
Plus, we get a nice big payout and we get to keep K!rr'fght's laser swords, which we can sell for a tidy profit.
Panel 2:
ADU Patroller 2:
Sell them? Those are dangerous weapons, they should be destroyed before somebody else gets hurt.
ADU Patroller 1:
The way I see it, it's just generating future work for us, hunting down the fugitives who eventually use the weapons
It's a win-win situation.
Panel 3:
ADU Patroller 2:
Fred, that's not what I joined the ADU for!
ADU Patroller 1 (Fred):
What did you join for?
We all know that you got booted out of the Space Police, so why join us, ex-DCI Semaphore?
Panel 4:
ADU Patroller 2 (Semaphore):
He's the reason I got the boot, so I am going to hunt down, and recapture him, and get my old job back.
This time, it's personal.
ADU Patroller 1 (Fred):
So, totally not for cliched reasons, then?