Episode #383: I'm docking my wages too

[Episode 383]
Episode #383: I'm docking my wages too
Volume V / Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Episode Notes

Yeah... ahem... heh heh... sorry*.

Remember, just because they get paid to retrieve people who have evaded justice, the Auxiliary Defence Unit (ADU) are not bounty hunters! Why are there bount... uh... ADU patrollers on Tranquility Base? Well, like I said last week, a lot can happen in a year. I expect a certain Squid was to blame somewhere along the line.

(* not really!)


Panel 1: An alien is being held at gun point by two ADU patrollers. In each of the alien's four arms is a laser sword!
ADU Patroller 1:
Come on K!rr'fght, you're going right back to prison.
Footnote: "K!rr'fght" is pronounced "Keith" (approximately - the best the human voice box can manage).
You bounty hunters don't scare me.
ADU Patroller 2:
We're not bounty hunters, we're the official Auxiliary Defence Unit.
Well, I was warned the ADU might be after me…
…And so I prepared myself!
Panel 2:
ADU Patroller 1:
Well, you know what they say?
Forewarned is four-armed!
ADU Patroller 2:
Fred, I'm docking your wages for that.