Episode #382: Tempus Fugit

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Episode #382: Tempus Fugit
Volume V / Saturday, 3 March 2012

Episode Notes

Yes, we've really jumped forward a whole year, in a scene directly ripped from the last episode of season two of Battlestar Galactica.

Hudson is indeed leaning on the fourth wall in the last panel, but only she is aware of it, hence Angelina's confused response (see episode #364).

Why the time-skip? Well, a lot can happen in a year.


Panel 1: Prime Minister Hudson is in her office with Angelina, her Assistant. There are two small piles of papers on Hudson's desk..
Prime Minister's Office, Tranquility Base.
Here's the list of today's meetings.
Also, the Health Minister wishes to speak to you, as does the Bureau of Trade and Commerce.
The Admiral wishes to know when the budget for the Chandelier Project will be approved.
Panel 2:
Prime Minister Hudson:
Between all that, the various committees, the Earth Regeneration Project, and regular Government business, it almost makes me wish for another emergency!
Panel 3: Hudson leans forward and rests her head against her desk.
Prime Minister Hudson:
Panel 4: Extreme close-up of Hudson's head resting on her desk.
Panel 5: The shot pulls back to reveal that the two paper piles on Hudson's desk have got much taller.
One year later.
Angelina (offscreen):
Prime Minister, Ma'am… River…
Did you hear me?
Panel 6:
Prime Minister Hudson:
Sorry, I heard you Angelina.
Here's the list of today's meetings.
Also, the Health Minister…
…Ma'am, is there something wrong?
Panel 7:
Prime Minister Hudson:
No, it's just that time seems to pass so quickly these days, and last year feels like only seconds ago.
It's like we've had some sort of time-skip for narrative purposes.
Erm… a what for a what?