Episode #381: A little encouragement goes a long way

[Episode 381]
Episode #381: A little encouragement goes a long way
Volume V / Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Episode Notes

For some reason it's fun torturing Isaac.

Oooh, this is exciting, for the first time ever there is an episode on the 29th February! The next leap year (2016) falls on a Monday, so this won't happen again until Saturday 29th February 2020 -- assuming the comic is still going by then and I haven't changed my publishing schedule, or (quick age calculation...) I haven't had a mid-life crisis.


Panel 1: Felicia comes bursting through a doorway into a room; she is holding an important-looking envelope.
One month after Commandant Thalamus' visit.
I got the job!
I'm one of the assistant programmers on the Chandelier Project.
I shall be "Illuminating the Universe with Science."
Panel 2: The room is revealed to be Phillip and Isaac's apartment. The guys are sitting on their sofa; Phillip is holding his electric guitar and Isaac is holding a microphone.
Hmm, sounds just like a marketing slogan to me! But, anyway, that's awesome!
I knew you'd get it! When do you start?
I start next month, my contract is for two years, and I get an apartment on Cynaptix IV.
Panel 3:
This is definitely my dream job. It's so much better than dealing with "PEBKAC" issues around here!
Oh, but I'll still be able to visit you guys whenever I have time-off, although that won't be much.
If you two hadn't encouraged me I'd never have applied, thanks guys!
Panel 4:
Hey, that's cool, you've always wanted a job like this and we can still chat over Vid-phone.
Isaac (not smiling):
Yeah… that's cool… I guess.