Episode #376: It takes a bit of getting used to

[Episode 376]
Episode #376: It takes a bit of getting used to
Volume V / Saturday, 11 February 2012

Episode Notes

You may have been wondering why these new aliens were understandable to us. "What about the Universal Translator Nanodes?" I hear you ask. Well, the Commandant's final comment in panel 4 indicates that they have already made First Contact prior to these events.


Panel 1:
Cloaked Alien:
Ahh, you are awake.
The surgery was a success.
How are you feeling?
Off-screen Voice:
Panel 2:
Cybernetic Alien:
Yes, we know, we'll give you something for that in a moment.
Now, can you raise your right arm for me?
Panel 3: The patient lifts his arm, it is metal with a claw hand.
{{Bio-mechanical lifting noises.}}
Off-screen Voice:
What theā€¦?
No no no.
Panel 4:
Cloaked Alien (telepathically):
Doctor, he did not take that as well as we'd hoped.
Cybernetic Alien (telepathically):
No, Commandant, this will set the project back a few weeks.
I suggest that we don't show our patient the full extent of his injuries and enhancements just yet.
Cloaked Alien (telepathically):
Agreed. And now I must go and meet the Commander of Tranquility Base.